Zdenka (Satya Simran Kaur) is a registered Yoga Alliance Teacher (500RYT, E-RYT200), The founder of Yogic Life and Yogaroom. Ambassador of Yoga Science, Honesty, Hard Work, Progress and Love. Yogic Life Program Teacher, Coach and Teacher Guide.  Originally from Belgrade Serbia based in The Netherlands and has walked long distances in finding the essence of this beautiful dance called life. "Who am I, Why am I here? Where am I going? What is Love? What is happiness? ...are some big life questions in us searching for answers...Yoga has always intrigued me, in my study I fell and still keep falling in love with yoga more and more each day. It opens my world, my heart, it opens every other part of my being and I keep learning alot about myself. I have learned that discipline, practice, progress and kindness bring awareness of a being in every possible way. There are just few things in life that we can't control and there are just few things that we really need. Everything else is just matter of hard work, focus and honesty.  Yoga philosophy brought everything in connection with my own logic, it feels like everything is clear, grounded and peaceful and at the same time there is so much more to learn. 

As a teacher, I intend to inspire and train people to develop themselves to best possible version of themselves. I intend to be a tunnel in giving what I have and still receive from my teachers.
There is actually no yoga style in my experience. Yoga is a technology that helps in a personal development. I teach from and to the heart, connecting the outer yoga of posture and breath to the inner yoga of concentration and meditation."
There is alot that I want to share with you!